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-clean water

-healthy food

-preventive healthcare

-sustainable building


The High Impact® philosophy considers the overall value and impact of a business: what function it serves in bettering the way that the world works. I also provide financial indicators and political forecasts to determine optimal timing for investment, and offer far more flexibility, client input and consultation than traditional SRI mutual funds. High Impact Investments® can meet the needs of both conservative and aggressive investors. A very conservative portfolio may include fixed income community bank notes and dividend-yielding utility funds. An aggressive portfolio may be heavily weighted toward small cap alternative energy stocks. Most clients will want something in-between that provides diversification. We can mix and match with the blend tilted toward the financial and social needs of the client.

Investor Profiles

Portfolios are tailored to your needs. Suppose that:

…you want to have only a portion of your money managed in High Impact® and keep the rest as it is.
…you are interested primarily in renewable energies, but need advice on which companies present financially wise choices.
…you oversee a church endowment fund, have specific social criteria and carry the burden of fiduciary responsibility.
…you want to minimize tax liabilities.
… you want to support fair trade and international empowerment of the poor through microcredit loans.
… you have heard that many international companies are ahead of the curve on integrating social, environmental and business standards, but are not in a position to locate and assess these firms.
… you are nervous about risk, so tend toward fixed income products.

If any of these describe some of your investment parameters, then I may be able to help you.

High Impact Investments® is an experienced, commited investment firm that will help you meet your goals while making a difference.